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Automotive Protective Film / Benefits

The advantage is clear. With XtraCoat paint protection film, the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle have an extra measure of protection from:
-Insect stains and abrasions
-Scratches and nicks
-Small road debris damage
-Winter road salt and sand
-Paint Protection
-Protects as good or better than other clear bra alternatives
-Saves you money on expensive body shop repairs
-Acts as a bug shield that protects against love bugs and other insects
-Washing your car will never be easier
-Perfect for long road trips, commutes, and vacations
-No more scraping bug guts off larger vehicles such as RV's and Buses

How We Work?

We are a certified reseller and installer of automotive protective films. We can give you an estimate onsite, schedule your install and promptly perform the service within the timeframe provided. Contact us today for a quote on your vehicle.

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